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Under Floor Air Distribution solutions

The next generation of UFAD technology

More and more buildings today are opting to install Raised Access Floors and HVAC under floor air distribution systems for a variety of reasons, most notably flexibility for reconfiguring the office space, and cost savings. We are pleased to report that after hundreds of projects totaling millions of installed sq ft, the UFAD technology is  now  very mature. First costs are lower and the systems are relatively easy to design and construct.



The top benefits of Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) systems include:

• Reduced energy usage
• Reduced energy usage
• Flexibility for re-locating wiring, piping, and other building services
• Achieve cost-effective LEED certification
• Improved Ventilation Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality
• Documented improvements in occupant comfort, productivity, and health
• Reduced slab-to-slab height and facade costs

Cost Competitive Benefits of an Underfloor Air Distribution System

• Lower installation and energy costs are just the beginning of the savings that a PleinAir UFAD system can bring. You will also realize benefits in the form of a reduction of materials, as well as faster tenant improvement.
• Projects using advanced service distribution solutions have reduced installation costs by up to 10% and achieve 15% faster build and completion times. There are many areas where first costs can be neutralized,

due to :

• Design Flexibility – Adapts to existing or new architectural features, uneven floor
• Laminated Finishes – Applying floor finishes such as wood, stone, and linoleum in the factory saves labor  and materials cost 
• Voice/Data Cabling – Reduce cable run lengths; eliminate cable trays and lower lab or costs at installation.   Relocating cables becomes easier for a lifetime
• Power Wiring – ‘Plug & Play’ technology significantly reduces installation costs
• Furniture – Eliminate dependency on expensive powered furniture and improve space planning  options 
• Air Distribution – Significantly reduce trunk, branch, and discharge ductwork, lower first cost 
• Ceiling – Reduce or eliminate suspended ceiling requirements
• Time to Occupancy – Underfloor services install quickly, allowing for earlier occupation
• Structure – Improved integration of underfloor services provide slab-to-slab height reduction opportunities.



Under floor or in-floor air conditioning systems are ideal solutions for buildings looking for Flexible, efficient and cost-friendly environmental control. The very nature of PleinAir’s under floor air distribution (UFAD), with low pressure plenum air delivery thanks to the raised floor, allows you to deliver improved air quality and maximize occupant comfort while lowering your energy expenses.

UFAD systems take advantage of natural air patterns – specifically, warm air rise – to provide a more comfortable environment in the lower six feet of the work space. The result is more effective and efficient cooling than is typically possible from traditional overhead air distribution. As an additional benefit, the air in the breathing zone is cleaner, with fewer particulates and lower VOC concentrations.

Under floor cooling systems also offer the following benefits:
• Raised floors allow for improved building design flexibility and add to the structural aesthetic value of a facility
• Lower energy costs can be realized thanks to UFAD requiring lower fan pressures and speeds
• Localized space temperature control leads to improved comfort
• Recycled materials in raised flooring for UFAD access results in a lower environmental impact
• Reduce or eliminate suspended ceiling requirements, opening up more space

PleinAir  has the experience to handle your UFAD project, with hundreds of completed installations under our belt.




PleinAir’s under floor air distribution system takes advantage of pressurized floor plenum space to provide air conditioning, heating, and ventilation.

One of the main advantages of this setup is that plenum air supplies require less fan power to distribute air than through ducts, improving efficiency and thus requiring less energy to operate.

The reduced fan horsepower requirements result in better acoustics, making for a much quieter HVAC system.



PleinAir’s  broad range of under floor ventilation products including fans and programmable, electronically controlled diffusers are designed to support  your UFAD  project  while meeting specifications and budget.

Moreover, our diverse UFAD solutions offer more choices than anyone else. PleinAir  has completed hundreds of under floor ventilation projects in over 25 countries, and we can tailor the project to  suit  your particular needs.

Benefit from cost savings due to lower energy costs, as well as the improved design flexibility that raised access flooring brings to your facility.

Increase productivity through improved environmental comfort, reduce the need for suspended ceilings thereby enhancing overall available space, and lessen the time to occupancy for your units by making electrical  services more easily accessible.