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It doesn’t take much to shut down the sophisticated equipment that is the lifeblood of your business. Too much dust, too much moisture, or one incorrect procedure, and your business is out of operation for hours, days, or worse. Data Clean has been helping customers avoid the high cost of contamination since 1979. We are a part of the world’s oldest and most experienced controlled environment cleaning and remediation specialists, with trained personnel and the latest technology ready to handle anything from routine daily maintenance to your toughest disaster response assignments.

AET Flexiblespace(I) Pvt Ltd, having proficiency  in Raised Floor environment in India has now collaborated with Data Clean Corporation (USA) to introduce  the crucial concept  of  ‘Deep Cleaning of Mission Critical Spaces’ in IndiaAET Flexiblespace(I) Pvt Ltd, having proficiency  in Raised Floor environment in India has now collaborated with Data Clean Corporation (USA) to introduce  the crucial concept  of  ‘Deep Cleaning of Mission Critical Spaces’ in India
Data Clean Corporation, with a global spread has been in this business for the last 29 years cleaning the controlled environment of Fortune 1000  Companies, Banks, Educational  & Government  Institutes.

Services Provided By Us
• Computer Room Cleaning 
• Exterior Hardware Cleaning
• Tops of Floor Cleaning
• Under floor Plenum Cleaning
• Post-Construction Cleaning
• Sub floor Sealing
• Gaseous Contamination Detection and Remediation
• Disaster Recovery Cleaning – 7X24
• Zinc Whisker Remediation
• Server Decontamination 

Computer Room Cleaning

Whether your data center or computer room is just a closet or a mega centre, it needs to be cleaned to maintain the health of the equipment. Data Clean technicians perform three basic services separately, or in combinations, that are designed to keep you computer room running at peak performance. These three services are: Exterior Hardware Cleaning, Tops of Floor Cleaning, and Underfloor Plenum Cleaning.

Exterior Hardware Cleaning

Data Clean uses proven techniques to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from your controlled environment. Not only the ones you can see, but more importantly the hidden ones you can’t see.Data Clean’s trained technicians use specialized,environmentally friendly cleaning solutions – time tested for use on the materials used in the manufacture of modem technical equipment. Our HEPA filtered vacuums are certified to 0.3 microns and remove even the smallest of micro-particles from your facility.
Every possible step has been taken to guard against damage or disruption to your operation. Before a Data Clean Technician is sent to the field he must successfully complete a comprehensive training program.

Tops of Floor Cleaning

Computer room flooring is designed to dissipate static electricity by providing a conductive path to ground. Dirt on top of and ground of computer flooring greatly reduces the floor’s ability to dissipate static. Improper cleaning can cause your floor to delaminate or chip. Data Clean Corporation has developed specialized cleaning agents that safety remove dust and dirt from all types of tile and carpeted floor surfaces

Under floor Plenum Cleaning

The lifeline of any computer room is the plenum beneath the raised flooring. This plenum delivers cool, filtered air to the sensitive equipment above. Unfortunately, because of gravity, the plenum is also the area most prone to dirt and dust. Allowed to accumulated, these contaminates will be swept up and carried to your equipment by the circulating air conditioning so vital to your equipment’s operation. The impact of contaminated airflow includes clogged circuit, increased risk of fire, accidental fire suppressant discharge, and miscellaneous health problems. Data Cleans’ under floor cleaning service helps protect your equipment from these and other hazards. Our cleaning also satisfies many insurance audits, and may help reduce the cost of insurance.


 Zinc Whiskers Remediation

Zinc Whiskers are found on metal surfaces of access floor systems with zinc electroplating. The whiskers grow on the underside of the floor panels or the exposed surfaces of the structural components like stringers and pedestals.The whiskers are typically 2 microns in diameter. When the whiskers break free, they become airborne and can circulate freely and get blow into equipment.
When a whisker rests on an exposed circuit card, it could cause a short; possibly an intermittent short which is most difficult to detect and fix. Symptoms of Zinc Whisker related failures are minor data corruption, catastrophic hardware failures, high incidence of power supply failures. these problems may increase when migrating to new systems.

 Subfloor Sealing

The natural and continuous oxidation of your concrete subfloor is a major cause of controlled environment contamination.
A concrete subfloor is constantly releasing millions of tiny, abrasive particles of what is commonly called concrete dust. Those particles are swept up by the plenum airflow and inevitably deposited on your sensitive electronic equipment where they clog filters and accumulate on circuit cards.
The only way to eliminate this source of contamination is to seal the surface of the concrete. This can be achieved before, or after, the installation of your equipment. Noncorrosive, nontoxic, and non flammable sealant’s are used to do the job. It completely seals your concrete subfloor, eliminating oxidation.

 IAQ and Corrosive Gas Assessment & Abatement

 Higher levels of corrosive gasses are being detected which cause serious reliability issues with sensitive electronic equipment. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) are the gasses of most concern as they are common and very destructive to silver solder and copper circuit boards.
We have a proven approach for identification and remediation of these corrosive gasses from data center and laboratory environments. All testing complies with the ANSI / ISA International Standard as well as the recently published ASHRAE Particulate and Gaseous Contamination Guidelines for Data Com Environments.